Admissions Overview

pre qualification

Good intractable knowledge of English/Hindi/Kannada/Telugu/Tamil with basic idea of Sanskrit required for Introduction Courses. Good Knowledge of Sanskrit for Basic, Regular and Vaidika Karma Courses are required. Introduction and Foundation Courses are must for advanced or regular courses.

admission process & procedures

The interested candidate has to get Course prospects and Submit the Application Form with Passport size Photograph, ID & Scan or photo copy of  Address Proof (PAN Card, Voter Card, Driving License, Aadhar Card or Any Institution ID Card).

Language of interaction

English/Hindi/Kannada/Telugu/Tamil with Sanskrit in Introduction Courses. Good knowledge of Sanskrit for Basic, Regular and Vaidika Karma Courses (Secondary interaction language will be English/Hindi/Kannada/Telugu/Tamil) are mandatory.

Fees - Tution & Stay facility

For full-time and dedicated students, Full-time Researchers, Sadhakas, Sanyasis, Yogis the course will be fully FREE. That is Tution and Hostel fee will be excempted. For working professionals, Businessmen, Retired ex-professionals tution fee and hostel fee will be charged as per Academic Syllabus Fee Structure. The non-working dedicated researchers can avail Scholarship sponsorship. For sponsorship, please contact Asst. Registrar.

Infrastructure and stay facility

Stay facility will be provided at Gurukulam, and only for full-time students and available only on advanced booking.

Travel & Health Support

Travel and Health Advisory will be provided at Campus Support Desk.

terms and conditions

Candidates and Students requested to adhere to the strict code of Conduct at Office or at Gurukulam. 

Admissions Process

student admission

The interested candidates has to Register Online for the respective Course. Or Students can also send their Enquiry. Course Schedules and prospects will be sent to them through email.

Interested Candidates can reach the institution through email id or calling +91 80500 00013. Candidates can also send message from contact us form.

The participants can visit our Course section and    Apply for Courses   or    Contact